Tree man
Andrey Valentinovich Khristoforov is a 53-year-old citizen of Arkhangelsk. He is
extremely passionate about tattoos which symbolically refer to the social movement
known as “Plant your tree”. Andrey is the spiritual creator and founder of this
When he leaves home, Andrey always wears theatre wings and different sort of
costumes. Riding his bike, he goes around to spread information about Drevarkh* and
his beliefs on the “Universal planting”. He often visits different kind of institutes, both of
sports and recreational type, where he is let in for free. In bars and cafes, he’s often
offered cocktails but above all his favourite drink: lemonade.
He frequently organises public demonstrations, and some of these have been covered by
the regional media. He has been arrested, carried away by the police and sent to
psychiatric institutes many times because of such actions. In 2003 he has been
diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but in 2010 the diagnosis has been revoked.
* Arkhangelsk public figure standing as protector of Mother nature, personified by Andrey
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